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WWR Report: Snowfeet

by on February 27, 2013

bright lights, country roads

Here we are, about a mile East of town stopping for a bit to regroup. This is early on Tuesday night–before Lisa & Cheryl tried to cycle on the snowmobile trail. Before Lisa & Joanne started making fun of Cheryl.

I don’t make fun of Cheryl (’cause it’s Lent and I’ve given up the trash talk, although there have been numerous slip-ups!).  Cheryl is the one who encourages us to cycle on the gravel roads and last night was yet another perfect evening for biking in the country.

Braveheart and I lost the Fast Girls as we crossed Hwy 30 and headed for the Village. We had a nice visit while cycling, and a half-decent workout,  then headed for the clubhouse.

Apparently, there are some huge snow drifts in the park. Joanne led the Fast Girls on a tour of snow banks and that’s where Cheryl got slagged. Fortunately, X.E.N.A. has high self-esteem and she was able to shake it off.

Topics discussed: Braveheart is the proud new Auntie of twin boys!  Wool jersey returns, Grand Forks getaway? Biking Bemidji,  ABES Winter Fest, XC ski race in Thunder Bay, Happy belated birthday Coen, Venezuela to the Dominican Republic via Calgary??? What to say to your kids when they make questionable choices, and a shout-out to grown men who play floor hockey.


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  1. Yes Sandra this is going to be very hard for you! We have forgotten to ask Cheryl how her “no chocolate” is working out. I’m sure a bowl of some fine tasting chocolate would get you off the hook for the sly trash talking.

  2. Cheryl Koop permalink

    Ok Sandra – What happened to the no trash talk for 40 days! I’m referring to those BIG BOLD letters beside the WWR Repost: ????

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Yikes–I thought I was being discreet–my bad. This no trash talk thing is VERY challenging for me! I can’t even repeat the trash talk of others…sigh. sd


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