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WWR Report: in training

by on March 13, 2013

HQ scene in winter You can tell by the gear in this photo that it was chilly last  night…about -18°C.  I arrived at HQ fashionably late (sorry!) and we headed off into the night.

I’ve said it about a hundred times, but let’s make it 101: riding with bike-minded (thanks Johnny) individuals makes you stronger. I chased Lisa on Centre Ave., and I appreciated the work-out of trying to keep up with her & Cindy as they led the way down Government Road. I’m not in training for anything other than life, but I can tell that I’m fitter because I have regular contact with the women of Athena. Thanks ladies!

Cheryl stayed back at HQ for a bit, but Joanne thought she’d caught up with us near the Van Gogh. Surprise! That wasn’t Cheryl–just Shaun sneaking up on us and messing with our minds. Lisa & Cindy returned to HQ just as The Happy Homemaker was getting ready to find her club mates. Meanwhile, back on Main Street, Joanne, Julia & I decided to cycle past the park.  Shaun bid us farewell, and we soon made our way over to the usual route south of Elmwood School.

Our gear was working, we felt good and we had the wind at our backs–so we just kept riding.  Great night.

 Topics discussed: wool jersey woes, ABES winter bike fest this Sunday, husbands who “do their hair” and Cheryl’s new haircut, Kids of Mud club for Altona? violins, running outdoors in winter…after a snowstorm, and Cindy gets gear without any effort.

wool jerseys at the club house


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  1. She looks so happy! She should come out more often.

  2. Cheryl Koop permalink

    Nice to see the hair dresser slut out this week! Good times.

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