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We Ride Together

by on March 30, 2013


Months ago, Winnipeg CycleChick tweeted about the CycloFemme pledge. You know I heart CycloFemme–the way they celebrate women on bikes, and their plan to get women around the world cycling together on Mother’s Day. Great stuff, and all meant to be fun, inclusive, non-threatening and inspirational.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the women of the RM of Rhineland are buying the idea that all females on bikes are sisters in the same sorority. Last week at the clubhouse we heard that some local ladies have referred to us as “bikers” and seem to think that we have nothing in common with them, or the many cool chicks in town who like to pedal for pleasure. Pity.

This is where the pledge comes in. We all have our own reasons for riding–the experience does not have to be the same for every woman. If you enjoy riding, and you know someone who may also be “bike-minded” feel free to invite her to HQ. Sign the pledge in your mind or on paper, and be open to increasing the tribe. Whether you’re a fast girl or not, new wheels or old–even when we split-up to find our own pace on a Tuesday night–we ride together.


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  1. Hope to see you ladies again very soon! (and I believe I’ll be bringing Kerri Bennett along too – she’s quite interested)

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Hi Tara–good to hear from you–looking forward to seeing you and Kerri!

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