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WWR Report: sweaty

by on April 10, 2013

halfway through 20kms

On Monday, I got scared. It was so windy and so cotton-pickin’ cold (-18°C–seriously?). I was dreading the Tuesday night ride.  Fortunately, things worked out. I remembered how much fun we had at the clubhouse last week–after our 20 km ride on country roads.  A whole winter of showing up (mostly) on Tuesdays paid off this week because only the routine of riding  and the promise of excellent company got me out of my house last night.

We agreed to hit the same country roads this week and Cindy made a great suggestion: this time we would ride past the yards with aggressive dogs at the start of the ride, while it was still daylight. Good idea–this way we got a much better view of the unrestrained animal who tried to take a bite out of Joanne. What are the rules of etiquette in this situation?  Should we ride between Joanne and the vicious dog, or speed up and try to get the dog away from our club mate? We’re going to need a handbook, because riding in the country is too much fun to let the odd off-leash assassin ruin things.  Joanne is fine–she knows how to show dominance.

The rest of the ride was uneventful, although we had to ride in town for a bit, just to get the numbers up to 20km this week. Lots of talk on the ride about the Sunflower Festival gravel century race thingy–clearly Paul K. will have to provide us with actual details. Thoughts about what it takes to do long rides; reminiscing about the 70 km ride to Saint Malo (I wasn’t there, but I can easily fake feelings of nostalgia).

Back at the clubhouse we revisited key points of conversation from last week, such as where sweat collects on the female body (schmoobs) and Cheryl’s particular sweat challenge…which quickly led to talk of menopause, then 40th birthday parties, then the Athena Spring Ride (great idea–every club should have one!).

TOPICS DISCUSSED: there’s only one topic–how quickly can you get your wool jersey to Cindy’s place so we can get our fierce logo embroidered on the sleeve? For real–Cindy has agreed to collect your clean jersey (and the $22 fee–upfront, please) and she will arrange to have the embroidery done ASAP.  What does the logo look like?  Like this, but in cream–not white:



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