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WWR report: Shame!

by on May 1, 2013

This young lad shamed me into attending bike club last night. Meet our friend Ian, and his very good-looking new Jamis bike.

Ian's new Jamis

Ian lives less than two kilometres from our place–usually an easy ride, but not in sub-zero temperatures with the wind gusting from the NW at 45km/h.  Our young friend was cold and unhappy when he arrived, but so excited about cycling home with the wind at his back.

Needless to say, I was ashamed of myself for even thinking of staying home when I could be out fighting the wind with my clubmates.

I arrived at HQ just in time to hear Cheryl say: “if I see even one snowflake–I’m heading straight to the bar.” She looked miserable out there in the cold, but she was ready to ride.

Baby, it's cold outside!

We stood around waiting to see who else would show up and trying to plan a route that would keep us out of the wind. That’s when inspiration struck. We would ride to the homes of known slackers and shame them into coming on the ride with us. First stop, Melissa’s place.


Friends, this is what shame looks like. Melissa made the mistake of telling too many people that she was planning to attend bike club this week. So when we arrived on her doorstep, she was kinda sheepish, but she had a good excuse–a cousin dropped by unexpectedly and she had to entertain. We let her off with a promise to appear at the clubhouse.

Next stop–Chez Gagné. Cheryl tried to get her goat,  but Lisa is shameless.


Duke Voodoo  Onwards–to the house of Julia. We suspected that Jules was working the night shift–no shame in that–but since we were in the neighbourhood, we took the opportunity to ride on the very nice concrete walkways in her yard. The Duke spotted us and came to the door with a frightening voodoo doll–we fled the scene.

For about one-tenth of a second, we considered riding into the RM to spread some shame at Bethany’s house.  She came out to bike club last week, as advertised, and we were glad to see her.

Welcome back Bethany!Lucky for Bethany, no one was keen to fight the wind and the dogs and the (possibly) flooded gravel roads to get to her place. So we just finished up early and took refuge in the clubhouse.


  • Athena Bike Club members will serve as race marshalls for the 2nd Annual Run/Walk To Remember in Altona on May 25th–talk to Joanne if you’re interested in this volunteer opportunity. The event is a fundraiser for the Curtis Klassen Memorial Fund–find them on Facebook or e-mail if you want more info on this 10K Run and 5K Run/Walk.
  • Plans for the Athena Spring Ride continue. We’re headed for an exclusive summer resort on the East side of Lake Winnipeg on June 7 & 8 … still working on finding childcare. Let us know if you are interested in riding the trails in June at this event!

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  1. Julia Thiessen permalink

    Voodoo doll indeed. Looks like I have missed too many rides. First time I have heard about the spring ride. Sounds fun! Took me a moment but I used my detective skills and have figured out where this exclusive resort is located.

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Hi Julia–the spring ride is a pretty new idea–you and your Marin are ready to ride at the beach! I don’t own a mountain bike, but I make a mean Gin & Tonic, so I’m hoping I get to come along.


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