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WWR : A Dozen!

by on May 30, 2013

Tuesday night saw our strongest numbers yet!

The 3 Bergen sisters returned to boost our numbers.  Tara was also back along with Juanita on her sweet new ride.  We also welcomed Margruite, who joined us after her trek to town.


So the 12 of us, (too many names to list!!!) headed out for a few laps around town.

Perfect conditions for the second week in a row had us wondering how we ever survived the winter.

A dozen riders makes quite a nice pack for riding around town.  After a few laps on the regular route, we headed to the park to take on the hill.   The climb was worth the spectacular view from the top.  We looked pretty impressive too!


Instead of heading to the clubhouse, we filled Lisa’s driveway with bikes and her patio with people.  She had prepared a delicious spread of chips, salsa, hummus and Cycle themed wine for us.  Wow! Can we make this a weekly event?

12 women means a lot of different conversations going on.  The topics discussed were too numerous to mention but we did spend some time planning the ladies ride next weekend.  More info about that should soon follow.

Thanks again Lisa!  I hope your kids got some sleep!


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  1. akismet-1c873ef981407302b197332480705f8c permalink

    It’s a deal! Just waiting for it to come home from the paint shop. Waiting is hard.

  2. That is super awesome! Ride on Women of Altona! Way to represent.

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Hey Andrea–thanks for the love. When your Guerciotti is road ready bring it back to Altona for a spin–guaranteed to make Sweet Cheryl cry–but fun for the rest of us!


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