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Magnificent Spring Ride!

by on June 9, 2013

Magnificent Spring RideHere are the seven hardy women who ignored the so-so weather forecast, packed up the kids & packed off their husbands so they could bike at the beach. Okay–only six of these women actually brought their bikes–I was just there for the bonding that only happens at bike club. Lisa’s going to blog about the actual trail riding at Grand Beach & Bird’s Hill–till then, here are a few photos from a wonderfully warm weekend.

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  1. plainburgeronbun…wrong! It came with cheese and a pickle!

  2. cherylkoop permalink

    That whopper was SO good. I know you fruit and veggie lovers were really jealous. #whopperjrandplainburgeronabun

  3. cindyhiebert permalink

    The picture of Cheryl eating her whopper (heavy all) makes me hungry!

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