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WWR Report: weather watch

by on June 26, 2013


Lightning in NW Altona

Lightning in NW Altona

Shortly after those beverages were consumed, a severe thunderstorm rolled through Altona. One minute you’re enjoying liquid refreshment on the terrace at the clubhouse–next minute you’re racing the lightning to get home. Life in our extreme climate is never dull. In the past six months we’ve been out riding at -25°C and yesterday’s high was 31.8°C.

IMG_0531Last night 8 women in total gathered at HQ to join the ride: Prudence, Tara, Bethany, Sandra C., me, Cheryl, Joanne & Cindy.  Sounds like both Lisa & Julia were laid low by illness–get well soon friends!

As you can see, Cheryl & Joanne are starting their own Green Tank Top bike club–fine, but be careful what you wear to the WWR.  Sandra C. and Cindy compared their wool jerseys on the patio (yes–you need wool to fight the robust AC at the clubhouse) and drew the attention of a couple of clever blokes. “Looks like you’re all in a bike club,” said one of the chaps. “The men’s  club was in here last week. I was impressed–those guys are old!”   True story.

Topics discussed: Approaching storm, Sandra C.’s correspondence with the walking monk, Bethany recommends spraying your yard with a garlic-based mosquito repellent…there was probably more, but I left early with the wise women who decided to avoid the rain–hope y’all stayed dry!


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  1. No apologized need….Added a little adventure to the evening!

  2. A few of us were racing home with the lightning right over us and the rain was coming down pretty hard. I blame Cindy – She said it was only going to start at midnight!

    • cindyhiebert permalink

      I take full responsibility for Tuesday nights storm. I apologize to all for any inconvenience.

      • Athena Bike Club permalink

        Cindy–Goddess of Weather!

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