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WWR Report: short sleeves

by on July 18, 2013

Eight women began the ride on Tuesday night–Cindy, me, Lisa, Juanita, TFF, Charlotte, Delilah and Prudence met at HQ as usual. What was unusual is Juanita’s wool jersey–she’s got the short-sleeved version of the Athena jersey–not a bad option for those who are kicking themselves for having missed out on the original order. Next step: custom embroidery that transforms the white stripe.

short sleeved wool jersey Sweet Cheryl could not come out to play–always feels strange when our fearless leader is missing. We hung around on her driveway for a while, and we were rewarded by the arrival of a couple of sisters.

two out of threeSomewhere along the ride, I said goodbye to Juanita and hello to Shaun–he’s also a fan of the short-sleeved wool jersey, and a popular visitor when he chooses to drop in on the WWR.

Outside the clubhouse, talk turned to the upcoming gravel road bike races during the Manitoba Sunflower Festival. Delilah may be interested…Cindy is definitely capable, but it is a race so she’s not up for it.  Lisa, barely recovered from illness, was not interested, but it is a race, so she’s up for it.  Everyone wants more info and, fortunately, the race bible has already been posted to the ABES blog:

Knacksot Gravel Grinder


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  1. delilah. permalink

    Margurite, Maggie and I shook on RIDING ( not racing) in the grinder this weekend. Sorry I missed the ride tonight, but anyone else signed up to race?

    • Elexis permalink

      I think I will not. Bruce is manning an aid station way out yonder. I will be keeping track of our youngin’s and helping at the finish line. I’ll high five you guys when you get back!!! Have fun!!

  2. Elexis permalink

    Does anyone know, is it the nice pavey-type gravel? Or the 2-inch-thick, “you-never-really-DID-like-your-two-front-teeth-anyway” kind, that the RM wrecks it with just when the road’s getting nice and bare…. ;)

  3. When you put it that way Julia…a ride sounds nice.

  4. Really Cindy? You are not doing the gravel grinder. I do have to work evenings, but was hoping to try completing the 50km portion. Not race, however ride! Interested…?! :)

    Anybody else…

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