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WWR Report: grind, groan, grin!

by on July 24, 2013

Good turn-out on Tuesday night–and much discussion about the big event in Altona this Saturday–the Gravel Grinder Race/Ride.  Margruite arrived at HQ with hand-written encouragement from local Race Director, Paul K., to all of our riders who may be planning to ride the 50km “short-cut” version of the event.

Paul’s Reasons to Ride the Sonnebloom Licht:

  • 21 of the 50 kilometres are paved
  • fitness
  • friends supporting the local bike culture!

Along with these enticing bits of encouragement we also learned that Margruite, Maggie & Delilah have made a pact to ride in the event this weekend, and no doubt other women will sign on for this adventure. I was quite moved by all of the support & enthusiasm offered at bike club but I am already booked to host my in-laws at our annual “Christmas in July” celebration, so I cannot attend.

We tested the gravel roads West of Altona and they were in excellent condition for the most part. Paul also reports that the gravel was looking good when he rode on Tuesday, but conditions are variable and we must bear in mind the fact that Paul is “not the god that controls the RM.”  Don’t miss out–study the posted details, find a fit friend and sign-up for the Gravel Grinder.

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  1. cindyhiebert permalink

    I tried to put this on the ABES blog but it wasn’t working for me.
    To clarify: Joanne, Gavin, Sandra, Steven, Lisa, and Vanessa all finished before I did since I left before the parade began.

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Who cares when you left…I want to know when you & Julia decided to ride 83kms? Nice.

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