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Moose Lake 2013: Departure

by on August 24, 2013

IMG_0741While you were sleeping, nine bicycle enthusiasts gathered in downtown Altona. Some were well-rested, others had not slept much–too excited about the challenge ahead. They met at a local hang out–Back Alley Cycle–where proprietor Bruce, and his sleepy but supportive wife Elexis offered coffee and encouragement.

Seven of the nine riders planned to go all the way–a 185km ride to Moose Lake. If you make it, there’s a BBQ, beer and glory. Or you can be like Mike & Dwight and plan to drop out of the ride after the stop in Vita–a mere 70km from here. I didn’t even know about the Vita option–something to aim for next year?

Elexis will be getting in some mileage next month when she joins Bruce and some pals as Team Back Alley Cycle in the MS Society’s Bike Tour–Riding Mountain Challenge. This weekend, she’ll be passing by Cindy & Lisa in her mini-van/support vehicle on her way to start the BBQ at Moose Lake.

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  1. Nice work Cindy and Lisa! Sandra D were you there snapping photo’s that early???? You should of just rode too!

  2. Tara permalink

    Hot and windy for these guys just like our 185km ride last weekend! Hope your bums feel better than mine did at about South Junction with 45kms to go. Way to go and enjoy the rewards at the other end!!

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