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by on October 3, 2013

In case you missed it–summer’s over. Bike tights, head gear under the helmet, and gloves were seen on the 8 riders who attended the WWR this week. The upside was the beautiful, starry night for riding and the company of other women. Do yourself a favour–plan to join us on a Tuesday night. Do NOT jam out if  you’re tired, or you think you might be coming down with something, or if your kids/hamster/partner is coming down with something. Make Tuesday night your night. Block out the noise and get on your bike.

Lots going on these days, so here’s a quick round-up:

David sent a link to the Cyclocross Magazine photo competition: vote for your favourite photo from DarkCross 2013

jcward_img_5804_september-07-2013 A sweet shot of bikejo made it into the competition (photo by JC Ward). Voting ends Oct. 4th at 5 p.m. so follow the link and make your opinion known. Some great shots of our club members and the Athena wool jersey. Which reminds me–if you’ve got the logo on your jersey, you probably need to get in touch with Cindy–some of us still owe her an additional $8.

If you’ve never seen a cyclocross race, this Sunday is an opportunity for you to check it out. Spend some time in the sunshine at St. Malo Provincial Park and cheer for all the riders. This is a race for licensed riders only, but if you want to test yourself, Southern Cross comes to Altona on Sunday, October 20th–the last open race (open to all riders) of the CX season.

If you’d rather spend this weekend shopping in Minneapolis, be on the look-out for runners in the Twin Cities Marathon. I hear Prudence is running in this race–apparently she has been training, although I thought she was at home on the couch, eating bonbons and blowing off her bike club. My apologies…and good luck!


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  1. BAH!!! That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been doing!! ;) See you next week — I’ll bring the bonbons!! :D

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