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Athena Alley Cat: Redux

by on November 17, 2013
Athena Alleycat 1_2013

Image © Jacob Gibb

Remember this poster? Conceived nine months ago, this has got to be the longest gestation period for an alley cat–ever. For a variety of reasons, this event has been put off and postponed, but I’m told that this week it’s going to happen.

I don’t know what the theme is, so come prepared for anything. If you’ve never experienced an alley cat–check out the details of our last race–Heaven & Hell: Results.

We don’t typically pay to play, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring extra cash–in case you have to bribe the timekeeper. Bring a pen, or something else to write with, and prepare for a fun night on the town. One more thing…once you’ve started the race, trust no one–especially not Lisa.

Tuesday, November 19th y’all–we’ll start from HQ, as usual. See you at 8 p.m.


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  1. David permalink

    As race coordinator of this fine (yet time challenged) event I’ll inform you of this: no need to bring anything. You, your bike, dress appropriately. That is all.

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      David–thanks for being such a fine and persistent race coordinator–the beer is in the mail!



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