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Athena Alley Cat: Results

by on November 21, 2013

Alley Cat ChampSeen here, relaxing after the race, is Bikejo–the new Athena Alley Cat Champ.

Seven riders turned out after another iffy day of weather, but we were rewarded with great conditions and good times.

I could go on and on about the oodles of swag and great hospitality at the finish line (beer and baked goods) but there’s no longer a need to suck up.

Evil Lisa_2nd PlaceLisa took second place. I’d say more, but we don’t want to encourage the bike theft and intimidation that contributed to her success.

Many thanks to all the ABES who played along and provided liquid courage, ridiculous requests, or truly twisted and unnecessary challenges (Johnny!).

Alley Cat particpants Next time (after Cheryl’s intervention), we will try for an alley cat that requires us to eat slugs and work in teams.

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