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WWR Report: tasty!

by on December 4, 2013

Creek sideTuesday nights have been good to us. Sure, the wind was blowing hard, but not too much snow in the air. Snow was accumulating on the streets of Altona, so we decided to avoid the bad drivers and ride in the relative safety of the country.

Cheryl said, “let’s ride on the creek.”  Hmm.  The wind was blowing from the north at 30km/h. We’d have to ride north of town to get onto the frozen creek, and then follow the creek…north. “The banks will protect us from the wind,” said Cheryl.

Everyone needs a Cheryl in their lives, because creek riding turned out to be rather a fun option. When we left HQ, it was only -9…the warmest it had been all day. We crossed paths with Shaun–he’d just come up for air–apparently he’s been putting in a lot of hours to satisfy consumer demands. Shaun helped the dainty ladies (Cindy, Lisa & Cheryl) find a gentle slope where they could safely access the creek, then he hustled back to work. Meanwhile, Julia and I pushed through some snow and reedy grasses till she found the beaten path to the creek bed. That’s when the screaming started.

You see, ice is slippery–and the creek is, like, 60% ice and 40% snow-covered ice. When you feel your bike slide out from under you, there’s a tendency to scream. Once you fall off your bike onto an icy surface, it’s challenging to get the traction you need to get going again…very challenging if you ride a fixie. Four of us were extremely wise, and we rode mountain bikes or cross bikes, but Cheryl–our fearless leader–she’s in love with her fixie.

We all fell, but it was that slow-motion falling–hard to explain, but generally more exciting than painful. I had a painful fall a few weeks ago whilst riding in town, so I arrived at the WWR with my new studded tires–helps to build my confidence with the whole winter cycling thing.

Despite the wind, and the need to carry our bikes over culverts, we all stayed warm and had quite a good time. We did take pity on Cheryl and rode on the gravel back to town–but NOT because she asked for any special favours. No. Not at all.

Delilah joined us at the clubhouse where we treated ourselves to fast food. Same time next week? You bet!

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