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WWR – Possibly Monday Dec 23rd????

by on December 21, 2013




Any interest in changing the ride this week to Monday? It seems that most of us have Christmas Eve plans so I was hoping we could meet the day before. Post your thoughts please. Cheryl


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  1. Bike Jo and I are meeting at Grumpy’s at 8:30pm.

  2. cindyhiebert permalink

    Anyone? I will stay home if no one says anything.

  3. Anyone around for a ride? I’d be up for a bit of something.

  4. Athena Bike Club permalink

    Great idea, but we’ve got three gatherings this week–Monday doesn’t work for me either. sd


  5. Turns out I’ll be in Winnipeg that day. I might have to miss the ride but would join you for post ride drinks.

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