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Ice Events

by on January 11, 2014

Good news! Cheryl was in good company for the WWR last week–here’s her update:

“The ride indeed happened and it was good. Better than good actually. Lisa showed up and we did some country roads out to the west and then a loop in town. We were both toasty warm! An hour later we got to the club house and Lisa’s jacket was dripping with sweat on the inside!
Bethany then showed up and more good times were had. I love it when someone just randomly shows up later. You know where to find us Tuesday night!

More good news: the weather is improving, and not a moment too soon. Time to get ready for outdoor cycling at The Forks!  If you missed the Ice Bike event last year, read the post from 2013 Snowval & Ice Bike

crestTextor just go ahead and register here.

Still not convinced about cycling in winter? Then perhaps you should consider a 5km obstacle race through the snow on the U of M campus!  Check out the details of the all-new Ice Donkey Winter Adventure


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  1. Sandra D – Did you know you and James are in the video from last years ice bike? Just watched it on Facebook the other day.

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Cheryl–that’s not me–that’s James giving a high-five to our niece–I think she finished the 4km race about 20 minutes ahead of me!


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