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WWR: February 4th

by on February 4, 2014
Winnipeg Willow

Winnipeg Willow

I don’t know if you believe that a rodent can predict the weather, but this local groundhog says we’re in for an early spring. Sounds good! Till then, I guess we just keep on riding in the cold.

Who’s up for a ride tonight?


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  1. bethany permalink

    waaait…what does this mean exactly?

    • cindyhiebert permalink

      Last week they all came straight here, but I don’t know what they will do today.

  2. cindyhiebert permalink

    Come on over for cyclocross races at my place again! We have the junior race and the men’s elite recorded. All Athena’s welcome. I will have some Keith’s if you feel so inclined. Otherwise BYOB.

    • cindyhiebert permalink

      We have the women’s and under 23 as well.

      • Athena Bike Club permalink

        Thank you Cindy–see you at 8!

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