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by on February 24, 2014
bicycle curling sweater

Get the sweater from

Here’s another way to make cycling an indoor activity: wear your best sweater to the curling rink. I’m quite into curling this year–especially because it’s a winter sport that manages to avoid strong headwinds. I’ve completely given up on trying to cycle outside this winter…I admit, I have been beaten down by the polar vortex. In fact, the last time I ventured outside on my bike was February 4th when Cindy invited WWR participants to come in from the cold and watch cycling–indoors.

We watched cyclocross, we ate chips, we sampled Joanne’s homemade salsa but left her gluten-free beer alone, and Cindy taught me a lot about European geography. Warm good times. Many thanks to Cheryl, Cindy, BikeJo and anyone else who has been keeping the WWR alive on the streets of Altona, even as Manitoba experiences our 2nd coldest winter in 120 years.

No doubt those keeners will be riding outdoors again this Tuesday night (Feb.25th) — meet at HQ at 8 p.m.   … right Cheryl?

Also–don’t forget to check the ABES blog for info about their upcoming Winter Bike Race: AWBR

You can stay indoors and re-live all the fun of last year’s winter event by clicking here


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  1. cherylkoop permalink

    New plan – Meet here, bike to the MEC, play short court, bike to the clubhouse.

  2. cherylkoop permalink

    31 2nd street S.E @ 8:00pm it is! FU winter…I hate you.

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