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Dirt Skirt Road Clinic: Report

by on August 18, 2014


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Last week during the WWR, I got some flack for not posting any info about my experience last month at the road clinic. So–thanks to Dave Bell for taking pictures while I learned from the Velodonnas and their Provincial Cycling Program collaborators, Lindsay & Anna. Good communication reminders for when following in a paceline, how to drop back or take the lead in a double paceline, and we also had some fun with time trial (TT) starts. The Dirt Skirt organizers are a class act, so of course, tasty snacks were provided at the end of the event.  Now, if we could get a report from the Dirt Skirt road relay from Lisa or Joanne…?

The final event in the 2014 Dirt Skirt series is cyclocross – Wednesday, September 17th @ Canadian Mennonite University.  Also, make sure to check the MCA event calendar to keep up with the news.

WWR for August 19th — I’ll be in Winnipeg,  but I’m sure HQ at 8 p.m. is still the place to be this Tuesday night–right, Cheryl?   Enjoy!


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