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WWR Report: Poetry

by on March 20, 2015

Last Tuesday night was magical. Not only was it St. Patrick’s Day, but Southern Manitoba was blessed by the right atmospheric conditions to allow us to experience the Northern Lights. Local shutterbug Ryan Bergen was quick to capture the moment.

I wasn’t on the ride last Tuesday, but four cyclists did show up and were rewarded with a great light show that inspired one of them to pen this poem:

Tuesday Night Ride

Lured by the promise of a road less travelled
Four lonesome riders head out into the night
Up, along the berm on the south side of town
To the old dirt road where the riders hunker down
More! whispers one, and it echoes in their souls
Where are they hiding, those undiscovered roads?
Aurora! cries another, Brave women, travel north!
Onward to the dead of night, where the sky brings forth
The dancing borealis in the midst of glistening stars
And thus they take their leave, in silence there to watch
The thawing creek heard burbling
The geese announcing their returning
With Venus in the western sky
The riders say their late good-byes
And leave the darkness there and then
In hopes that they’ll return again


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