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WWR: July 29th

IMG_1688Paved roads are nice, but the country roads are calling. Anyone else keen to check out the dirt/gravel?

See you at HQ at 8 p.m.




Road skills

Womens Road Cycling 2012 OlympicsImage from

I just registered for the Road skills clinic taking place tomorrow night–July 22nd–in St. Norbert. Online registration ends tonight at midnight.

Leave a comment and let it be known if you’re going to be at the clinic, or if you prefer to stay in town for the WWR.








WWR Report: clubhouse hunters

Club LisaIf you were trying to share a beverage with us after the ride last night, you probably had difficulty tracking us down. Cheryl offered us hospitality around the fire pit at HQ, but at 8 p.m. the mosquitoes were feasting on us in the driveway and we thought the pests might be worse later. Fortunately, Lisa has a tablet-equipped, screened-in porch with parking options, so we took refuge there. The beer selection was impressive and the popcorn just like the old days at Grumpy’s, but with gourmet flavours. It’s going to be hard to return to the bar and their selection of annoying men in varied states of inebriation. Can’t beat the location though.

Of course, we didn’t just spend the evening discussing lucrative reality TV concepts (Clubhouse Hunters International?). We started off with a ride to one of Altona’s premiere sports venues: Moto-Park X. Dedicated volunteers were ignoring the mosquitoes and mowing around the dirt track in preparation for the big race during the Manitoba Sunflower Festival.

Moto-Park X Altona (640x451)

Some of our club mates are gearing up for 24 hours of mountain-biking this weekend, so they took to the dirt track for some off-road practice, while the rest of us went for a spin on country roads. Perfect!

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Follow the leader

Nasturtium Cheryl Last week during our ride, we stopped at our fave garden to check out the produce. Cheryl ate a nasturtium and it looked tasty, so I ate one too.

Nasturtium wrapNasturtium Sandra D. Not advocating being a sheep–far from. Just suggesting that you keep trying new things.

Such as:  Women’s Road Riding Skills Clinic  July 22 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. That’s next Tuesday y’all…follow the link to get the details, but make sure you scroll down when you get to that page.

Also, Cheryl sent a reminder that the 2014 Canadian National Cyclocross Championship will be held in Winnipeg, at The Forks, from October 24-26. Like the web site says, “It’s a big party built around a bike race” and you’d be wise to get involved…early. Follow this link to find out how you can be a volunteer.

WWR as usual this week–or is there any talk of hitting the trails?



WWR: July 8th

Last time we gathered for the WWR was back in June.

I think the theme for the evening was legs, leisure & liquor…that’s what the photos seem indicate, and everyone knows pictures don’t lie.

Come out and show a little leg this Tuesday night. Meet at HQ at 8 p.m.

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Cuyuna 2014

Just a few photos from the fabulous long weekend of mountain biking & camping in Minnesota at the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area. Yes–I said “fabulous” and “camping” in the same sentence, but only because I spent my 48 hours in Minnesota at a motel. Real women, and their families and friends, toughed it out in tents and picnic shelters. Despite the huge storm system that poured rain and produced strong winds, the sun did shine on the happy campers, and Cuyuna was definitely the smart place to be on this Canada Day weekend. I only managed about 48 minutes on the MTB trails, but I saw lots of happy Manitobans who spent every moment they could on the very well-kept trail system. Thanks to Johnny S. for planning this adventure!

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WWR June 24th: U need a MTB

Last week Bethany commented that she and Delilah were heading for the hills and would probably do the same this week.

If you need any encouragement, check this out….


Up to y’all to organize yourselves for mountain biking…or if anyone wants to ride around Altona on Tuesday night–leave a comment and let me know.


The Velodonnas have already started their race series–follow this link for all the info: Dirt Skirt